Meet The Team

Paul Tuma


Paul has more than 25 years of extensive information technology and consulting experience including the last 8 years focused in the healthcare technology space. Before joining GeBBS Consulting, Paul served in various leadership roles for leading national and local IT consulting and staffing organizations including Technisource, IntelliMark, and DPSC. He successful delivered innovative solutions to clients throughout the US including Accenture, Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, General Dynamics, AOL, Fila, State and Local Governments, and Wells Fargo. Prior to moving into the consulting business, Paul served as a Technology Director for 11 years at Alex Brown Realty, a leading Real Estate Investment organization and former division of Alex Brown and Sons. Paul resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife, Jane and 3 children. In his spare time, he enjoys tennis and being walked by his 200 pound American Mastiff, Fig.

What place would you love to travel to and why? France to attend the French Open.

What is your spirit animal and why? A brown bear, representing strength and honesty

Jack Guthall

Director, Project Managment and Strategic Partnerships

Jack spent over 20 years working in IT management in the Telecommunications Industry. He has worked at Bell Atlantic, WinStar, and Nextel. Jack has a BS degree in Business Administration from Towson University, a Masters of Administrative Studies from The Johns Hopkins University and postgraduate studies in Telecommuncations at Carnegie Mellon. He has two daughters and a wonderful wife.

Who is your favorite musician or band? Led Zeppelin

What is your favorite meal to cook and/or eat? Delmonico Steak - medium rare

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Zack Tscheulin

Director, Client Delivery and Operations

Zack is a a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with over 10 years of IT experience. 5 years ago he moved into Consulting / Professional Services as an Account / Consultant Manager. Zack is currently the Director of Client Delivery and Operations responsible for ensuring successful delivery of our services and a smooth running back office.

What is your spirit animal and why? Badger? Llama? Anaconda? Liger?

Describe a perfect Sunday. Perfect – beach, sun, kindle, and nothing to do; realistic – just having nothing to do but relax :)

Jeevan Pinto

Director, Recruiting and Human Resources

With over a decade of national and international search experience behind him, Jeevan has gained a reputation for helping his clients fill the most difficult of jobs within tight timelines. Jeevan joined GeBBS in April 2000 and earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and accountancy, from the University of Mumbai. When not working, Jeevan likes to play soccer, tennis, listen to music, travel, among other relatively low-risk activities. He lives in Maryland with his wife and their 2 children.

Who is your favorite musician or band? Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits

Describe a perfect Sunday. Spending quality time with family

Randy Hayes

Director, Business Development

Graduated from University of Central Florida, Randy began a career in sales working at American Greetings. After ten years, in the retail greeting card world he made a move to IT staffing with IntelliMark which became Tecnisource joining the exciting and growing world IT just prior to the Y2K change. Now having over 15 years of experience in all aspects of the business, Randy has joined GeBBS Consulting.

What is your favorite meal to cook and/or eat? I enjoy making and eating good Bar-B-Q, working with the smoker and the grill.

What place would you love to travel to and why? I would like to visit Europe specifically Austria, Belgium and Germany, for the history and mountains. After watching Amazing race these look to be very interesting places.

Erica Lintz

Operations Manager

Erica Lintz is a proven successful Operations Professional with proficiency in Business Management, Human Resources, Payroll, Accounting, Policies, Procedures, Contracts and Quality Control. She has over ten years Executive Management/Leadership experience in IT Consulting and Services. She embraces challenges and is diligent with follow-up for optimum problem solving and client satisfaction. She is resourceful with a strong work ethic and has an established reputation for quality, accuracy, and proven results.

If you were a superhero- what would your super name and ability be? Gangster Barbie – Protector of all her friends and family.

What place would you love to travel to and why? I cannot pick just one place, there are so many beautiful places to visit and admire.

Ron Miller

Business Development Executive

More than 25 years of experience in account management, marketing, direct sales, capture management and recruiting. More than 15 years’ experience of direct experience in providing skilled professionals in the IT industry to a variety of clients. Placed highly-skilled proposal development and management professionals to clients doing business in the DoD and Federal Civilian sectors. “People-oriented” and easily able to establish rapport with clients and professionals seeking employment.

Describe a perfect Sunday. Going to church with the entire family then heading to the golf course to play 36 holes.

Do you have any pets? What are their names? Little Chihuahua. His name is Bailey!

Erin Guthall

Administrative Assistant

Erin graduated with a degree in education, and focused her career in early childhood. After teaching preschool for a few years, she decided to change gears and begin a new adventure with administrative work. Erin says, "So far-so good."

What place would you love to travel to and why? I would love to travel to Bora Bora, I love the beach, snorkeling, relaxing in the sun and love the warm weather.

Do you have any pets? What are their names? I have 7 pets. I have two dogs; Casey and Ellie, one bunny; Gizmo, three chickens; Peggy, Carol, and Gail and one fish; Marco.

Allie Tscheulin

Marketing Associate

After graduating from Towson University with a degree in art history, Allie spent 5 years roaming across the United States. When she decided to stay put in one place, she started her professional career here at GeBBS. Her work here spans many labels including marketing, social media, graphic designer, web master etc. and she would not have it any other way!

If you were a superhero- what would your super name and ability be? I would be Encyclopedia Emeritus. My super ability would be to to know any and everything but I wouldn't have to save the world all the time - I can just know it all and sit around :)

Do you have any pets? What are their names? My pride and joy, my little rescue pup Bernie! He is obnoxious but I love that little furball so much!

Doe Kim

Manager, Sales Support & Consultant Retention

Doe is a key member of the GeBBS Consulting Team with responsibility for pre and post-sales support and driving the redeployment of GeBBS Professionals to their next engagement. Doe also supports our marketing initiatives including the lead role in several GeBBS Consulting videos. Prior to moving into his current role, Doe has been in the role of Recruiter, Consultant Manager, and Account Manager since he started his career at GeBBS Consulting. Doe resides in Towson, Maryland

If you were a superhero- what would your super name and ability be? I would be Math Matron, because I hate when I see people doing math incorrectly. I would make sure all the mathematical rules were observed.

What is your favorite meal to cook and/or eat? Korean BBQ of course! Sometimes I make enough for the whole office, I have to say I become pretty popular on those days!

Melissa Londono

Recruiting Associate

Melissa has been with GeBBS for 6 years, and she has learned so much about business, people and mostly importantly herself. It’s been a great experience for Melissa, she started as part-time office manager in New Jersey and now she is a recruiter in Maryland. GeBBS is great for growth, and Melissa sees everyone here as more just a co-worker they’re like her family.

Who is your favorite musician or band? SADE, I’ve been a fan of hers since I was six year old. I love her all her songs.

What place would you love to travel to and why? Europe, want to enjoy their delicious food, see their culture (especially enjoy a nice siesta and not feel guilty about it) the fashion, most importantly ride a Vespa.

Rachael Dougherty

Recruiting Associate

Rachael started her career as a Manager with Delia*s, she was part of the team to open up the first store in Michigan. After having an ill mother Rachael decided she wanted to be a part of placing great nurses in hospitals, at which time she became a Travel Nurse Recruiter. She then switched gears and has been working in the IT space since 2011 with the last year and a half focused in the healthcare space.

Describe a perfect Sunday. Waking up, having breakfast with my Husband and our daughters, dancing with our girls while listening to upbeat music, going out to a body of freshwater to have a successful day spent fishing come home grill or fry up the fish and hang out with my family!

What is your favorite meal to cook and/or eat? Chicken soup; not only is it soothing, it reminds me of both my mom and her mother

Allyson Levy

Recruiting Associate

Allyson has been working in Information Technology Recruiting for over 4 years across multiple industries including Healthcare, Finance, Retail, and Warehouse/Distribution. She is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Business and Technology Management and is looking to have a long career in Healthcare Technology.

What is your favorite meal to cook and/or eat? I loooove Taco Tuesdayssss – almost every Tuesday at my house because there are so many possibilities.

Describe a perfect Sunday. A warm/sunny weather, tons of friends over my house hanging out in the back yard: grill running, drinks flowing, and everyone together laughing and having a good time

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