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Business Process Outsourcing Services
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Data Entry | Medical Claims Processing | Account Receivable | Web Content Management
Data Entry

Let GeBBS help you turn your documents into powerful data that can be available to you quickly and affordably. We can handle the complete process from picking up and returning your documents, entering the data and developing processes to access your data. If you need customized reporting we can deliver your information the way you need it.

Document Scanning
We utilize leading edge scanning equipment and highly sophisticated technology to scan a wide range of document types. Best practices, auditing and standardized quality assurance programs deliver professional, economic and accurate results.

Data Capture
Once your scanned images are received we use a variety of automated techniques for capturing data from those scanned images. Whether your data is printed forms or hand written papers GeBBS utilizes unique methods for ensuring quality and accuracy.

GeBBS specializes in a variety of data entry services. By utilizing our in house software engineer staff, we are able to streamline our data entry processes. Each client project has its own set of variables. We develop custom solutions for each project, thus saving time and lowering the cost of each project.

Medical Claims Processing

Claims Indexing

Data Capture of HCFA's, UB-92's, ADA Dentals and SuperBills

Pre-adjudication (Eligibility Checks, Provider Verification and Validation of CPTs/ICDs)

Claims Repricing

Benefit Plan verification

Provider Network Verification

Deductibles [Family and Individual] Verification

Co-insurance and Co-pay verification

Verification of Pre-existing conditions


Stop Loss

Web Repository (Claims Archival Services)
GeBBS offers TPA's, health plans and other healthcare payers, data capture services using a combination of KFI (Key From Image) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). We believe that our BPO claims processing model, utilizing technology and manual resources in GeBBS-owned offshore and domestic facilities results in higher quality, faster turnaround and a lower cost to our customers. This process, in turn, allows us to meet and/or exceed our corporate mission by allowing our customers to:

Pay claims faster, more accurately and at a lower cost

Reduce internal administrative expenses and increase profitability

GeBBS uses highly structured and controlled processes that deliver timely and consistent data capture product. Our processes have multiple tracking, control and audit points from which statistics and performance reports are easily generated. Some of the features include:

Indexing functions that are integrated to meet the client's requirements

Once the claims are scanned the images are sent to an image queue for submittal, via high-speed data line into our ClaimsPro engine. The images are distributed based on pre-determined criteria to our India facility for data capture processing via OCR and KFI. Furthermore, a second level of distribution is implemented whereby individual data entry operators are assigned various volume levels based upon their skill and performance levels.

Verification/Validations: As part of the data capture process, GeBBS performs comprehensive healthcare-specific data validations as well as edits against the customer rule-sets and eligibility/provider files

Double Key Process: As required, GeBBS can utilize a double key process to ensure the highest level of data accuracy for key fields. This process consists of keying claims twice and then comparing the results. Differences in the field data are arbitrated by a third person and errors are logged against the keyer who captured incorrect field data.

All of the technology, hardware, software and personnel resources described above are driven by ClaimsPro, our proprietary workflow engine and are designed and guaranteed to be fully HIPAA compliant.
Account Receivable Processing

GeBBS objective is to improve your cash flow by reducing days in A/R and improving profitability, by increasing your collections ratio. Our skilled staff is trained to identify patient accounts that require follow-up and take the necessary action to collect unpaid/underpaid claims.

Payer/Insurance Follow-up
Self-pay Follow-up
Receivables Analysis
Denials management
GeBBS Technology Solutions, Account Receivable Processing
In an environment of lower reimbursement, timely and meaningful reporting couldn't be more important. Standard monthly reports provided by GeBBS include:
Charges, payments and adjustments
Dollars in A/R
Aging A/R
Payer mix
Payment punctuality by payer
Web Content Management



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